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DeJā 2016

This year celebrated from 23rd to 26th of June, Degošie Jāņi (DeJā)  is a gathering inspired by the Baltic Midsummer traditions and infused with the ethos of the Burning Man culture. The result is a unique regional experiment canvassed on an industrial hemp farm in Latvia, just meters from the Lithuanian border.  

We do not sell admission tickets to this gathering, instead we ask that you 
fill out the "visa application” below.  We will begin processing them on the 
1st of March and will continue to accept submissions through the 31st of 

Our Minister of De’Fence will respond to your request and grant you an 
approval, which you will need to show at the gate prior to entering the Rafa 
 Republic. Print a copy or better yet have a digital copy on your 
phone or tablet.  Without an approved visa you will not be allowed  through the gate. Your approval will be your invitation to this private function. 

You will not find organizers curating the event. Instead, you will find
participants who all contribute their time, energy, and skills by volunteering, 
participating and co-creating to conjure the magic. This is a non-profit, 
donation-driven event taking place on private land. Donations are accepted 
to create the infrastructure of the event and an expense report will be 
available for full transparency of the use of said donations. 

As far as we know we are currently the only burn operating this way. This is 
our experiment and our gift. Maybe it will be yours too.  

121 participants from 16 countries attended the first year in 2014. 
212 co-creators from 19 nations in attendance in 2015 

1 March – 31 May   Visa applications accepted 
1 June - 15 June       Last minute visa applications are checked 
18 June - 22 June     Early arrivals  
23 June–26 June       DeJā 
27 June–28 June       Clean-up

Want to participate? Apply for your visa

Code of the Republic - Code of the Republic 2016

Survival Guide - DeJā 2016 Guide

Want to help? Find out about donations